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About Alison Hubbard Daley

     Much of my art contains the ocean, and water of some type, because I've spent my whole life with the Atlantic Ocean by my side. I love water. I love swimming, body surfing, evening walks along the surf, basking in the sun, and frolicking with my dogs.

When I was young, my family and I spent our summers at the Jersey Shore. And when I married, I spent summers in Drakes Island, ME. Fortunately, I married a man who loves being near the sea as much as I do, and so we moved our family of five to a coastal town called Manchester-by-the Sea, MA sixteen years ago. 

     I've dabbled in art all of my life. At various times more than others.

But, it wasn't until about six years ago (2015), that I began painting on a regular basis, beginning with painting pet portraits. I've taken painting workshops, and lessons along the way, but my lack of formal training has helped with my freedom to keep my expectations in check, and not sweat the small stuff. Many of my favorite pieces evolved from a "mistake".

     It's very rewarding  to receive positive feedback, and appreciation of what I do. It's an honor to sell and share  my creativity with others.

     My family has been my biggest fan club, and I thank them with all my heart. I'll always be grateful to  my friend Gayle for urging and encouraging me to change careers and paint pets. Painting is my happy place.

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